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Friday, August 19, 2005

The last post of this blog

Dear Reader(s),

I would like to thank all of you for your patronage at the Courant these past three months. It has been delightful to read your feedback either in the comments or in your many emails. I have especially enjoyed the camaraderie of the other political blogs, most of all the men at OC Blog, who put this crazy venture into my head.

But recent events, like media coverage and the many potential political maneuverings, have made me think to put an end to my blogging for now. I can foresee a working stiff political junkie like me getting far too wrapped up in the blogosphere and succombing to a sloth-like existence. This I aim to avoid. Without getting paid for punditry - and I'm not saying it's worth buying - the time spent here is costly.

I thank Richard and Anthony for their insightful addition to this thread of commentary. And I wish them luck in their own blogging if they choose to continue.

So without fanfare or applause, I bid you all farewell.

Your Humble Servant,


UPDATE: I have moved! Check out Hack n Flak and OC Blog for more of my analysis on California politics.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

CA-48 makes uncharacteristically good posts (two)

Dear Sir or Madame,

I'll give "Sam Seaborn" points when he's deserving. I will. And sometimes I think it takes a fresh pair of eyes to notice certain goings on with the special election.

One: was interesting because I didn't even read the press release that was emailed to me. I'm sure the guys at OC Blog, Hack n Flak, CalRaces, California Campaigns, and here have all been exhausted by the number of press releases we receive from countless campaigns. This, to the point where we don't really read them any more. Most of the elections are over a year away! I didn't even read Campbell's latest press release, but I recognized the headline.

Senate Minority Leader, and early 48th Congressional frontrunner (I wish he still was), Dick Ackerman finally strolled on back as I thought he would to the Campbell Establishment camp and offered his endorsement. Campbell's campaign foolishly didn't make enough of a story out of this. It merits its own press release for those of us still furious at Campbell over his temper trantrum-turned-Congressional candidacy! ACKERMAN ENDORSES JOHN CAMPBELL FOR CONGRESS, ASKS ALL FORMER ACKERMAN FOR CONGRESS SUPPORTERS TO SUPPORT JOHN IN HIS EFFORT! That should have been the headline. Get with the program Gilliard! Get with the program Terry!

The other: interesting point made by Seaborn was that there are roughly 10,000 Jewish (almost always high propensity) voters in the 48th CD and the October 4th special election date falls on Rosh Hashanah. Seaborn presents this news in a stupid way, but I think that's just inevitable. He is, after all, a Dem.

My prediction, with regards to the Jewish vote, is that the Orthodox voters and maybe the Conservative voters won't. And the Reform voters will. That is if the election dates aren't changed. I feel for the Jewish voters in the district (I really really do), but realistically if sociopolitical event schedulers took into account all religions represented in the 48th and augmented their plans to conform with all rituals and holidays we might never have an election. I sincerely hope 48th CD Jews don't feel singled out about the date. Arnold's already denounced and divorced himself from the hateful activities of his father. He's a friend of the Jewish community in California.

UPDATE: Santana at the Register says the number of Jewish voters in the 48th is 100,000. That seems to be too high an estimation. If true, though, it would mean that roughly 20% of likely voters have a religious conflict with the election. That is serious. Here's the link: County braces for costly round of polls.

Yours in liberty,


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Don't blink

Dear Sir or Madame,

"This tag is not a game" may be one of the only times you'll see me agree with the ACLU.

Yours in liberty,


The 48th: The date

Dear Sir or Madame,

Yesterday, in typical 21st Century fashion, bloggers broke the news about the date(s) for the special election(s). OC Blog was the first, then others.

Here's OC Blog: We have a date...

Here's the Daily Pilot: Candidates For Cox Seat Have One Week To File

Here's the Los Angeles Times: Democracy by the Shovelful

Here's the Orange County Business Journal: Gov. Sets Vote for Cox Seat

Here's the Orange County Register: Election to replace Cox set for Dec. 6

Blogs are here to stay and will have a remarkable impact on the way we view this election. Some of the highest caliber political minds are communicating through spin and innuendo in a way never seen before, and the mainstream press get to see it up close. I think the transparency is terrific.

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,


Tran for Senate!

Dear Sir or Madame,

I'm very pleased to see the blogosphere beginning to consider a suggestion of mine made months ago. Both California Campaigns and OC Blog are pondering a Tran campaign for Joe Dunn's soon-to-be-vacated 34th Senate District seat.

Here's the link to what was written about this possibility in June: Should Van Tran Adjust His Target?

Here's the OC Blog post today: Memo To Van Tran: Run For the 34th SD

Here's the California Campaigns post made late last night (Mr. St. John must not sleep): Van Tran for Senate?

"Pete St. John" explains the situation on the ground very well. Assemblyman Tran is like a god in the 68th AD. His staff are hardworking and politically-minded. Their District Director, Barrett Tetlow, was one of the guys organizing precinct walkers for San Diego Mayor hopeful Steve Francis here in Orange County. I have very little doubt they could pull a Republican victory in the area.

What's more, Tran's potential here doesn't conflict with any of the Establishment's political master plan. That means? Money, if Tran wants it.

Yours in liberty,


Monday, August 15, 2005

Strickland lands prospective comrades' endorsements

Dear Sir or Madame,

Congratulations "Ralph" for being only the second individual to send a press release directly to the blog. Here are your winnings!

For Immediate Release
August 15, 2005
For More Information, contact:
Tim Clark @ (916) 473-8866 x5

GOP Board of Equalization Members Announce Backing for Tony Strickland
Strickland victory would give Republicans a majority on the BOE

(Thousand Oaks) - Today the two Republican members of the Board of Equalization, Claude Parrish and Bill Leonard, announced their support for Tony Strickland for Controller, pledging to help Strickland gain a seat that would give Republicans a majority on the BOE.

"Tony Strickland would make a fantastic Controller,"said BOE Member Claude Parrish. "And, since the Controller provides the fifth and decisive vote on the Board of Equalization, a Strickland victory would result in a major shift in California tax policy. Taxpayers would rest easy if Tony Strickland became Controller."

"Tony has never wavered in his commitment to lower taxes and less government," added BOE Member Bill Leonard. "We know where Tony Stands. We always have. He is a true watchdog of the treasury, and Tony will use the Controller's auditing powers to identify and root out wasteful government spending. Republicans should rally around his candidacy."

Both BOE Members Parrish and Leonard have anchored the pro-taxpayer side of the Board of Equalization, where, among other duties, various tax disputes are tried before the five member panel. The BOE also elects a Chairman, who then joins the Controller as two of the three votes on the powerful Franchise Tax Board.

"The BOE has a lot at stake in this election, and it's very significant that the only two Republican members of that Board have endorsed Tony Strickland," said campaign spokesman Tim Clark.

Parrish and Leonard join a long list of Strickland endorsers, including Campaign Co-Chairs Jim Brulte and Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. Tony Strickland has also gained the support of 25 GOP Assembly Members.

Strickland, who was first elected to the State Assembly in 1998, served as Republican Caucus Chairman during much of his legislative tenure, where he helped lead the GOP effort in the lower house. Since leaving the legislature, Tony has helped found the California Club for Growth, the state arm of the national donor group whose goal is to promote policies that aid small businesses and job creation.


Hopefully, next time it will be formatted correctly for my emailbox.

Yours in liberty,


The politics of video games

Dear Sir or Madame,

John Hrabe, YRF Sacramento Valley's Communications Director, has to be feeling good after the Orange County Register's editorial board came out with a piece in today's paper agreeing with a column he wrote over three months ago.

Here's the link to the Register piece: Law would do violence to free expression.

Here's the link to Hrabe's column: Beware of Assembly censors.

Only notice in the Register version, the editors don't insult the Catholic Church. Congratulations Mr. Hrabe!

Yours in liberty,


Immigration politics

Dear Sir or Madame,

Four “must-read” articles today pertaining to the politics of illegal immigration.

First, go to the source: Bill Richardson’s comments in the Albuquerque Journal and LA Times.

Next, go see the analysis from California GOP consultant Dave Gilliard, and the most important of the day, from the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund.

Yours in Freedom,


Haynes's Monday, August 15 morning memorandum

Dear Sir or Madame,

This one's on getting back to work.

The Russians Are Coming

We now know, from intelligence records seized in the Soviet Union after the fall of communism that the Russians were trying to turn Hollywood into their propaganda operation to lull us into believing that they were not trying to take over our country. Movies like “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming” were part of the propaganda battle of the Hollywood left, portraying those who were concerned about security and liberty, and the Russians’ intent to take away our liberty, and invade our country, as paranoid.

While the Russians did not succeed nationwide, they did leave a remnant of socialists in California, and unfortunately many of them are now elected to the California Legislature. Since the Legislature is back is session next week, those of us who care about security and liberty need to rearm ourselves and try to hold off the relentless invasion by these socialists for one more month.

We all know that this state faces some serious problems—our freeways are overcrowded, our houses cost too much, we are running out of water, electricity, and gasoline, our state government is too big, and consumes too much of our income, illegal immigration is out of control, and our streets are overrun with child predators. Of course, the rulers in Sacramento have no desire to do anything about that. No—we won’t make it easier to build roads or houses, but we will micro-stamp bullets. We won’t increase the penalties on child predators and pornographers, but we will fight about legalizing gay marriage. We won’t do anything about the $9 billion that illegal immigration costs California taxpayers each year, but the Legislature will vote to give illegal aliens a driver’s license. The rulers will spend a tremendous amount of effort to protect the status quo, and no effort at all to solve the real problems of this state.

The current effort of the ruling left in Sacramento, and their allies in the press and public employee unions, is to damage Governor Schwarzenegger’s credibility going into the November election. The “paycheck protection” initiative, on the November ballot, is designed to eliminate the ability of the public employee unions to require every single state employee to pay them money, even if that employee doesn’t agree with the union. The current system allows the public employee unions to take people’s money, spend it on the left wing politicians in Sacramento, and then use the influence that the money gives these unions over the politicians to get more state employees to pay the unions more money, to get more influence, and so on. You and I pay the tax bill for this scheme, and the union and political bosses get the benefit.

These bosses fear Governor Schwarzenegger will come out in favor of the paycheck protection initiative, and his popularity will push it over the top, ending their control of the levers of power in Sacramento. So they are working overtime to destroy his reputation, his credibility, and his influence, so that his endorsement won’t affect the outcome of the election.

In an extreme demonstration of arrogance, the unions are forcing additional assessments on their membership. The California Teachers Union has already assessed its membership additional dues sufficient to raise $50 million to fight this initiative. The California Correctional Peace Officers Association are assessing their membership $30 million, and other public employee unions are in the process of following suit. They expect to raise $200 million to fight the Paycheck Protection Initiative and the other initiatives the Governor supports. They see this as a battle for survival; they will do everything possible to defeat the Paycheck Protection Initiative because it would greatly inhibit their ability to force people to continue to pay them money to sustain their power structure.

It appears that in the short term their strategy has had an effect. The press has been relentless in its attack of Schwarzenegger, and the television commercials have not let up. The only hope for this state is that people are smart enough to see through the hype, and end the current corrupt system. That really is the only way to stop the Russians from actually coming.

Yours in liberty,


The 35th SD: The Buzz says Baugh is out

Dear Sir or Madame,

Thanks to Martin Wisckol over at the Orange County Register for confirming suspicions that Assemblyman Chuck DeVore is eyeing the 35th Senate District race that could take place next year if Senator John Campbell wins the 48th special. Wisckol even throws in a vague jab at this blog for suggesting Tom Harman's campaign fund shuffle is legally suspect. No fair, Martin! You have a million-plus readers!

Here's the link: Harman hedges bets with political fund.

With Orange County GOP Chair Scott Baugh out of the race, the conservative field is wide open for DeVore. Silva and Harman are no match. Tran has to be giving a little thought to this, but he's probably received pressure to chase after Umberg and win back part of central OC for the Right.

Sanchez needs to sit back on the thoughts of Governor. Arnold would clean her clock.

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,


The 48th: Gilchrist for Congress, again

Dear Sir or Madame,

Leave it to other blogs to act as the clean-up crew for the Courant. Powder Blue Report and CA-48 are now reporting that Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist is running for Congress. What a shocker! This, of course, was news broken here a week and a half ago. They're slowly recognizing Mary Parker Lewis and Chuck Muth are consulting.

Anyone who scrolls down to the bottom of the website can see he's serious. The website says "Paid for and authorized by Gilchrist for Congress." What more do you need to know he's running?! He's soliciting donations!

What is news to me is what has now been reported by OC Blog, that local Republican activist Jim Bieber's company, Bieber Communications, is doing his mail pieces. Bieber adds some hardcore conservative support to the Gilchrist camp, as Bieber used to be the California Young Americans for Freedom ( Chair.

Here's the link to the post: Jim Gilchrist Is Running.

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,


Orange-County Courant mentioned in Daily Pilot

Dear Sir or Madame,

Thank you Assemblyman DeVore for the nonrecommendation recommendation of the Orange-County Courant in the Daily Pilot over the weekend. Assemblyman DeVore comments here from time to time. And when he does, we listen. We've always applauded him for his modernity in office.

Here's the link: Every blog has its day.

The quote:

No one ever said blogs had to be balanced.

And when it comes to political blogging, many choose not to cross party lines.

Newport Beach Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, a Republican, regularly reads a group of conservative blogs -- including Orange County Courant, the California Republican Blog and Powder Blue Report, run by an Irvine resident.

Let me be the first, but hopefully not the last, to say Assemblyman DeVore may come to us for some of his opinion intake, but we go to OC Blog for some of ours. I've seen DeVore posting over there many times before. I have a feeling the only reason why Elia Powers didn't mention the indespensible OC Blog in his column was because he didn't want to reveal the source of all Jean Pasco and Alicia Robinson's news. His colleagues would be out of a job. The link to OC Blog is on our sidebar, but if you can't find it there just type in

Yours in liberty,


Supervisor Silva seeking to be Senator Silva?

Dear Sir or Madame,

I went to an event over the weekend where I overheard two electeds conversing about the possibility of a Jim Silva candidacy for the 35th Senate District. Apparently, he's going around swishing the endorsement waters with his feet. He's trying to see what that race would look like.

I guess bankrupting Orange County with fee and pension increases isn't enough for the guy. The State is his oyster.

The Secretary of State's website has his COH at a little over $260 thou' which could make for a start on the Senate, but I think poses far more of a threat in a lower house race. Silva would spend a lot of it just trying to differentiate himself from the other liberal Republican in the race: Harman.

Thank you Cox. What a shake up this has been. What entertainment!

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,


Friday, August 12, 2005


Dear Sir or Madame,

The Governor's Office is breathing a sigh of relief about this I'm sure. I tip my bonnet to Bill Mundell for continuing the fight. After the Superior and Appellate Court rulings, I didn't think he'd win this one.

Here's the link the Register's story: Supreme Court allows redistricting initiative on November ballot

I will say, though, I heard it first alongside OC Blog from 640 KFI news. John & Ken are talking about it right now, but I think they're wrong in suggesting that the whole reason for the special election this Fall is the redistricting initiative. The failure of redistricting reform to qualify for the ballot shouldn't have resulted in a cancellation. Paycheck Protection (Prop 75) is tremendously important. The fact that former Governor Davis and Fabian Nunez and other Dems support redistricting gives me pause. I believe they're hoping redistricting will allow them to pick up House seats for their side of the aisle here in California.

UPDATE: For all my social conservative friends, I apologize. I didn't mean to exclude parental notification (Prop 73) from those initiatives that I believe are important. That one is important. It's important because it's a reassurtion of parental rights which have been all but obliterated over the years by NARAL, Planned Parenthood, the CTA, and the Democrat Party. And, hopefully it will preserve some unborn lives.

Yours in liberty,


Gilchrist, Vasquez, Tancredo, Nunez, Haynes, Cosman in North SD last night

Dear Sir or Madame,

Thank to Allan over at Powder Blue Report (what's that mean anyway?) for posting his observations on the event last night in Carlsbad. Sadly, I was unable to attend, but heard from a number of friends it was terrific.

Here's the link to Allan's post: Great Night In Carlsbad Tonight.

The fact that Arab Muslims care so dearly about enforced border security should worry us all. I refuse to believe it's ethnic profiling to recognize that all nineteen 9-11 hijackers were Arab. The millenium bomber we stopped at the Canadian border was Arab. Richard Reid is Arab. And all the Islamofascist terrorists (not insurgents or militants or freedom fighters) operating in Iraq right now are Arab. It's fact, not some radical racist agenda. Fact.

If anyone's forgotten, this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

is why I am concerned about immigration enforcement and border security.

State Senator Bill Morrow organized the event last night and for that he and his staff should be applauded. Republicans must erect this issue to the highest point of their platform lest the Demo union-types take ownership of it. Morrow should take the lead in the Congressional race to succeed Duke Cunningham, if he hasn't already, with more events like this.

Here's the link to the San Diego Union-Tribune, North County Times story: Confrontation contained.

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,


Lefties dream on CA-48 blog

Dear Sir or Madame,

Thanks to Jubal over at OC Blog for bringing this to our attention. There's a new Demo political blog up on the web specifically dedicated to the 48th CD.

Here's the link:

I'll make sure to add it to the Courant's sidebar. It's good for oppo research. Thanks to "Sam Seaborn" for putting the Orange-County Courant front and center in their list of conservative blogs.

Sam Seaborn, for those who shun all forms of NBC political indoctrination, was one of the protagonists of the hit show The West Wing. Seaborn (played by Rob Lowe who in reality is a Republican) was a speechwriter and counselor for President Josiah Bartlett until a concerted Congressional effort by a dead guy (the good kind of Democrat) in Newport Beach forced a special election that was too enticing to ignore. Seaborn leaves the White House and the show leaves Seaborn not looking good in the campaign, never to return. (Lowe left for a show of his own.)

Yours in liberty,


FlashReport features Leonard on nature of the BoE

Dear Sir or Madame,

The FlashReport today, published daily by Jon Fleischman, is a great read and today was no exception (to receive the FlashReport send an email to Fleischman has an exclusive piece by Board of Equalization member Bill Leonard on the nature of the Board.

Here's the text in full:


By Bill Leonard

The FlashReport article about the Board of Equalization touched on the basics of the Board’s functions (administering sales and use tax, serving as the appellate body for income taxes), but neglected to highlight the important role the Board plays, particularly to people who would invoke the name of Frederic Bastiat.

The BoE is the nation’s only elected tax commission. California is the only state where taxpayers can appear before elected officials without counsel and explain why they believe they do not owe a tax, or why they should be relieved of a penalty. It is the only state where tax bureaucrats must answer to elected officials in a public forum about why they believe a taxpayer owes money or should be penalized. It is the only place where elected officials vote regularly to apply and interpret tax law openly, as well as provide direction to the tax agents about how they should be treating taxpayers.

For these reasons, it is important that the BOE remain an elected body. And for even more obvious reasons, it is important that we elect the right people to this body. Consider this one case the Board heard. An elderly man was appealing his income tax bill. He had been seriously ill one year and had neglected to file his return. Because he did not declare his own income, the state calculated it for him. Although he was long retired, he took pride in keeping his California insurance license active. The tax agents thus consulted Census data to determine the average income of insurance agents in California and assigned that amount of income to this 80+ year old man. How could this man prove he did not earn that amount of money? If all his old clients wrote to us and said they did not do business with him, the bureaucrats could argue that he had new clients. If all the companies he brokered for wrote to say they had not issued any policies through him, staff would tell us that he worked with new companies. Did we check his bank account for deposits? No. Yet the Board voted 3-2 against the man’s appeal and he was required to pay income taxes on some $40,000 of income he did not earn.

For other examples of horror stories that could have turned out differently if the BoE had more bleeding heart conservatives instead of hard hearted liberals, see “Horror Stories from the Tax Bureaucracy” at

The State Controller's race will certainly be one to watch late this year and into next, for the Controller is the tie-breaking vote on the BoE. Right now on the Republican side there doesn't seem to be any sort of ambiguity over who's the more conservative. It's easily Tony Strickland. But he'll face tough opposition by Senate newcomer Abel Maldonado ("Maldo" to his friends). Strickland will be in town again later this month for a fundraiser at the Balboa Bay Club alongside local Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

The race for the BoE seat in this area is contested, but not sharply. Michelle Park Steele is way ahead in fundraising and appearances after Jim Brulte jumped out to make way for Assemblyman Ray Haynes. A previous FlashReport featured the specifics on this race (along with a humorous mistake by Fleischman that had readers directed to a website featuring a strange-looking, bald, long bearded man in camo pants smiling for the camera).

By all appearances, this will be a very fun series of elections coming up. Stay tuned at the Orange-County Courant for frequent updates.

Yours in liberty,


Where all the conservatives at?

Dear Sir or Madame,

In Mel Brooks’ classic western, “Blazing Saddles,” one of the funniest lines of all-time is delivered by Cleavon Little. He deadpan asks a bunch of actors portraying Klan members, “Hey, where all the white women at?”

Today, conservatives in Orange County and in all parts of the state are asking a similar question. Seriously though, “Where all the conservatives at?”

In 2000, we were stuck with two disgraces to the Party, Tom Harman and Lynn Daucher, as they defeated two freedom fighters, Jim Righeimer and Bruce Matthias, respectively.

Remember, Harman’s race? The unions didn’t care for Righeimer and his Paycheck Protection ideas, so they dropped half a mil at the end to beat him, and we were stuck with Harman.

But it’s six years later now, and these good-for-nothings are being termed from office next year.

But where, oh where, are the Righeimer’s or the Matthias’ to run for these seats? So far as I can tell, they’re nowhere to be found.

In 67, Tom’s wife, Diane, Cypress Mayor Mike McGill, and County Supe Jim Silva are all vying for the seat. I’m not sure they’ve got a conservative bone combined.

What a shame that Righeimer could be pushing his successor in a seat like this!

In 72, conservatives have been hoping someone good would emerge to replace the dreadful Daucher. But again, when Mike Duvall and Marty Simonoff are all that are on the radar, there’s nothing to excite the base.

This, the land of Goldwater, the land of Reagan is now… Duvall-land? McGill Country?

What a shame.

Yours in Freedom,


Thursday, August 11, 2005

OC Blog vs Courant on Gilchrist

Dear Sir or Madame,

I'm honored that Jubal from OC Blog is willing to engage in debate with this blog over the viability of a Gilchrist candidacy. I understand where he's coming from.

The thing about Republicans, like myself, is that we pride ourselves in our loyalty, whether that be to God, country, Constitution, family, or political party. Democrats and all the other lowly parties don't live that way. Jubal and others won't surrender their loyalty to a party (and it's platform) easily. And let me tell you, neither will I.

I like the (possibility of a) Gilchrist candidacy. It riles up this race that was - let's face it - a shoe-in for John "Mr. Howell" Campbell. I believe personnel is policy. I believe Gilchrist would hire an activist staff that, one day, we might see on CNN patrolling the border with their boss during Congressional recesses. Campbell has been abysmal in his hiring of good conservatives.

Jubal makes some very valid, common defenses of his own position. I'll try to tackle a few. I'll presume Gilchrist was joking about "taxing the ultra-rich more" because it just doesn't correlate with the rest of what he's said.

He will have a national fundraising base to work from. He will have the momentum of a late entry. He will advance to the final runoff. He will have a national grassroots effort. He will have the fiscal savvy to go at it with Campbell and Brewer in any debate. He will be able to point to the fact that he'll only be one member of Congress and won't stand out vocalizing his tax policies. He will stand out vocalizing his immigration policies.

Campbell or Gilchrist? It really makes no difference to me. Whoever it is will be the lowest of the low in Congress (unless you count the Demos). But, Gilchrist, a decorated Vietnam veteran and grassroots grownup, inspires. Sadly, Campbell doesn't. Believe me when I say I wish he did.

UPDATE: Daily Pilot story on the race: Dueling endorsements. Harvey Englander wins points for the jab at the end, saying, "We will be more than financially competitive with the car dealer." The car dealer, ouch! Watch for the Brewer crew to attempt to play down Campbell's incumbency.

ALSO: Frank Mickadeit's column in today's Register: Brewer senses sharks circling her. I can see now why Campbell didn't get the Minority Leader position. He was "fooled" into voting for in-state tuition for illegal's anchor babies. Right, right. That gives me so much confidence in his Congressional future.

AND: Campbell has signs all over Culver in Irvine. Once again, he's in the lead.

Both articles highlighting Brewer. Lucky for her.

Yours in liberty,


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gilchrist clarifies position on Register estate tax remarks

Dear Sir or Madame,

I think a comment that Jim Gilchrist, Minuteman founder, posted on Hack n Flak pretty much bats away all criticism of his oft-repeated estate tax ("Death Tax") remarks. Campbell's going to really have a fight on his hands for the conservative vote here.

Here's the comment:

Unfortunately, recent press reports concerning my supposed support for the estate tax lacked any context, and are untrue.

In fact, I support Congressman John Linder’s House Bill 2525, known popularly as ‘the FairTax’.

Passage of the FairTax will make all discussion of the estate tax moot, since it totally ends all current forms of federal taxation, replacing them with one single-rate national retail sales tax.

If our goal is to leave our children and grandchildren a country that is free and prosperous, there are few things we can do on the economic front that will accomplish it as effectively as passing this fundamental reform of the way we collect taxes.

The day when Americans can take home 100% of everything they earn, saving and investing their hard-earned money with no fear of the ravages of the taxman, is one we should all look forward to and work towards. I will do so, in or out of Congress.

Can you imagine a world free of the paperwork nuisance of filing annual tax returns?

My goal is, and always will be, to lessen burdens on the American people and to restore freedom. Nothing will do that like the elimination of the federal income tax.

Those of you who wish to educate themselves about the FairTax, and its provisions to end the IRS once and for all, can find all the information they need at:

My website is:

Or, email:


Jim Gilchrist, CPA, MBA(taxation)

Gilchrist proves here he can go toe to toe with any Republican in fiscal matters and present a credible, intelligent, argument on his behalf. He just eliminated their greatest weapon here. He ruined it! Way to go Jim!

Now if you can only distance yourself from the American Independent Party's history and neutralize the OC Republican machine, you're golden.

Yours in liberty,


U.S. Border Patrol agent, himself, an illegal alien

Dear Sir or Madame,

This should be embarassing and disheartening.

Here's the link (via Drudge): U.S. agent accused of aiding illegals -- Revealed to be Mexican citizen...

It says they arrested him in Escondido, so it must have been at the station guarding the 15. Thirteen years for this guy, and others like him, is too lenient. He should be convicted of treason or espionage. How can we be sure he didn't aid violently hostile individuals (i.e. Islamofascist terrorists) into this country? How can we be sure he wasn't an agent of the Mexican government, doing the covert bidding of Vicente Fox? At the very least, he should be remanded for the duration of his trial, otherwise he'll just flee to Mexico. And we all know how they shelter criminals South of the border.

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,