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Monday, August 15, 2005

The 35th SD: The Buzz says Baugh is out

Dear Sir or Madame,

Thanks to Martin Wisckol over at the Orange County Register for confirming suspicions that Assemblyman Chuck DeVore is eyeing the 35th Senate District race that could take place next year if Senator John Campbell wins the 48th special. Wisckol even throws in a vague jab at this blog for suggesting Tom Harman's campaign fund shuffle is legally suspect. No fair, Martin! You have a million-plus readers!

Here's the link: Harman hedges bets with political fund.

With Orange County GOP Chair Scott Baugh out of the race, the conservative field is wide open for DeVore. Silva and Harman are no match. Tran has to be giving a little thought to this, but he's probably received pressure to chase after Umberg and win back part of central OC for the Right.

Sanchez needs to sit back on the thoughts of Governor. Arnold would clean her clock.

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,



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