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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The 48th: The date

Dear Sir or Madame,

Yesterday, in typical 21st Century fashion, bloggers broke the news about the date(s) for the special election(s). OC Blog was the first, then others.

Here's OC Blog: We have a date...

Here's the Daily Pilot: Candidates For Cox Seat Have One Week To File

Here's the Los Angeles Times: Democracy by the Shovelful

Here's the Orange County Business Journal: Gov. Sets Vote for Cox Seat

Here's the Orange County Register: Election to replace Cox set for Dec. 6

Blogs are here to stay and will have a remarkable impact on the way we view this election. Some of the highest caliber political minds are communicating through spin and innuendo in a way never seen before, and the mainstream press get to see it up close. I think the transparency is terrific.

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,



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