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Monday, August 15, 2005

The 48th: Gilchrist for Congress, again

Dear Sir or Madame,

Leave it to other blogs to act as the clean-up crew for the Courant. Powder Blue Report and CA-48 are now reporting that Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist is running for Congress. What a shocker! This, of course, was news broken here a week and a half ago. They're slowly recognizing Mary Parker Lewis and Chuck Muth are consulting.

Anyone who scrolls down to the bottom of the website can see he's serious. The website says "Paid for and authorized by Gilchrist for Congress." What more do you need to know he's running?! He's soliciting donations!

What is news to me is what has now been reported by OC Blog, that local Republican activist Jim Bieber's company, Bieber Communications, is doing his mail pieces. Bieber adds some hardcore conservative support to the Gilchrist camp, as Bieber used to be the California Young Americans for Freedom ( Chair.

Here's the link to the post: Jim Gilchrist Is Running.

Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,



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