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Monday, August 15, 2005

Strickland lands prospective comrades' endorsements

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Congratulations "Ralph" for being only the second individual to send a press release directly to the blog. Here are your winnings!

For Immediate Release
August 15, 2005
For More Information, contact:
Tim Clark @ (916) 473-8866 x5

GOP Board of Equalization Members Announce Backing for Tony Strickland
Strickland victory would give Republicans a majority on the BOE

(Thousand Oaks) - Today the two Republican members of the Board of Equalization, Claude Parrish and Bill Leonard, announced their support for Tony Strickland for Controller, pledging to help Strickland gain a seat that would give Republicans a majority on the BOE.

"Tony Strickland would make a fantastic Controller,"said BOE Member Claude Parrish. "And, since the Controller provides the fifth and decisive vote on the Board of Equalization, a Strickland victory would result in a major shift in California tax policy. Taxpayers would rest easy if Tony Strickland became Controller."

"Tony has never wavered in his commitment to lower taxes and less government," added BOE Member Bill Leonard. "We know where Tony Stands. We always have. He is a true watchdog of the treasury, and Tony will use the Controller's auditing powers to identify and root out wasteful government spending. Republicans should rally around his candidacy."

Both BOE Members Parrish and Leonard have anchored the pro-taxpayer side of the Board of Equalization, where, among other duties, various tax disputes are tried before the five member panel. The BOE also elects a Chairman, who then joins the Controller as two of the three votes on the powerful Franchise Tax Board.

"The BOE has a lot at stake in this election, and it's very significant that the only two Republican members of that Board have endorsed Tony Strickland," said campaign spokesman Tim Clark.

Parrish and Leonard join a long list of Strickland endorsers, including Campaign Co-Chairs Jim Brulte and Assembly Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. Tony Strickland has also gained the support of 25 GOP Assembly Members.

Strickland, who was first elected to the State Assembly in 1998, served as Republican Caucus Chairman during much of his legislative tenure, where he helped lead the GOP effort in the lower house. Since leaving the legislature, Tony has helped found the California Club for Growth, the state arm of the national donor group whose goal is to promote policies that aid small businesses and job creation.


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Anonymous Jenny Craig said...

Has anyone actually looked at the pictures of Tony on his website?

Granted, I haven't seen him since he left the legislature, but by the looks of things DAMN has he put on some pounds!

Somebody might want to suggest to Joel or Tim Clark that they invest some of that campaign cash in a treadmill or a gym membership!

I guess when Tony signed up Brulte as a campaign co-chairman, he decided the best way to be Brulte-esque is to resemble the Brulte of old!


Tuesday, August 16, 2005 12:29:00 AM  

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