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Friday, August 12, 2005

Where all the conservatives at?

Dear Sir or Madame,

In Mel Brooks’ classic western, “Blazing Saddles,” one of the funniest lines of all-time is delivered by Cleavon Little. He deadpan asks a bunch of actors portraying Klan members, “Hey, where all the white women at?”

Today, conservatives in Orange County and in all parts of the state are asking a similar question. Seriously though, “Where all the conservatives at?”

In 2000, we were stuck with two disgraces to the Party, Tom Harman and Lynn Daucher, as they defeated two freedom fighters, Jim Righeimer and Bruce Matthias, respectively.

Remember, Harman’s race? The unions didn’t care for Righeimer and his Paycheck Protection ideas, so they dropped half a mil at the end to beat him, and we were stuck with Harman.

But it’s six years later now, and these good-for-nothings are being termed from office next year.

But where, oh where, are the Righeimer’s or the Matthias’ to run for these seats? So far as I can tell, they’re nowhere to be found.

In 67, Tom’s wife, Diane, Cypress Mayor Mike McGill, and County Supe Jim Silva are all vying for the seat. I’m not sure they’ve got a conservative bone combined.

What a shame that Righeimer could be pushing his successor in a seat like this!

In 72, conservatives have been hoping someone good would emerge to replace the dreadful Daucher. But again, when Mike Duvall and Marty Simonoff are all that are on the radar, there’s nothing to excite the base.

This, the land of Goldwater, the land of Reagan is now… Duvall-land? McGill Country?

What a shame.

Yours in Freedom,



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